Creatine or protein, which is better

Creatine and protein are both widely used in the gym, which is helpful for body building. Someone might ask which is better. It is hard to make a final conclusion. But here we explain the two for you in detail.

Protein powder supplementation is a very good supplement that make you stronger. It helps people to build mussles and make you stronger. In order for this to occur you must have sufficient protein in your diet, which varies between people depending on your size and activity levels. Protein powder is a single strategy to get a lot of protein pretty conveniently to ensure that we can meet our every day protein targets. In case you can not get enough protein from food since of convenience, expense, or what ever, your final results will endure unless you total your protein intake from anything else, like a protein powder supplement.

Creatine is naturally stored inside of our muscles, which plays a important role when we do exercise and need ATP. It is helpful to give us energy in high-intensity situations. Creatine can turn ADP back to ATP, and provide energy to human body. By taking creatine supplement, we store more creatine so that we can speed up the regeneration process. It is reported that creatine helps improve work rate by 5-15%.

creatine or proteinCreatine or Protein, which is better?

By reading the above information, you might already understand that creatine and protein plays different role during exercise process. And it is not wise to compare the two and tell which is better. The most important thing is that you have enough protein in your diet, whether it comes from traditional food sources or protein powder. First you need protein to get results from training, and and when you do sport, just take some creatine to speed up your body.

Overall, protein is mainly for body building, and creatine is mainly for increase your strength. You need to take both creatine and protein, but not only pick one of them if you want to have a good score in training or a match.