Cheap foam roller: 18 inch White foam roller review

There are so many foam roller on the market, some are cheaper and some a with higher price. If you just do exercise sometimes at home monthly. It is not necessary to get an professional foam roller. A cheap foam roller is enough. Here we introduce this 18 inch White foam roller for your reference.


Although the cheap foam roller cost not so much, it still works great. This smooth surface traditional roller provides firm support for all body types. You can use this 18 inch White foam roller to do a lot of exercise such as pilates, yoga, rehabilitation, and many other exercises as well as developing balance, postural alignment, and flexibility or as support for dynamic strength exercises.

cheap white foam roller


This 18 inch White foam roller works well and help to massage the back and help to do leg lift exercises very well.

The price of this 18 inch White foam roller is pretty well.

It helps to increase spine flexibility as well.


So far so good.

Customer Review

I am suffering from chronic ITB syndrome. And I began to use this 18 inch White foam roller as a relief for my pain. Good to tell you that now I can run again. It is the perfect density and size for massaging my legs or whatever else I want in just a few minutes!


I’ve used a few types of foam rollers, but most are too rigid for my liking. This cheap foam roller has a little “give” that one can appreciate when using close to bony attachments.


Overall, I recommend this cheap 18 inch White foam roller for those who are experiencing strong muscle pain. You can speak with physical therapist or athletic trainer first and then get one of that model and do regular exercise at home. You will improve your condition a lot.