Cardio workout routines for weight loss

Cardio workout can help you lose weight as well as gain muscle. In order to achieve this, you should start your cardio workout routine at least half an hour a day and at least 3 days per week. Combined with a nutritious diet, you are able to lose weight fast.

Do jogging or running exercise frequently. Jogging or running is easy cardio workout but effective. So in our cardio workout routines, it is the most important part. We suggest you to run uphill 2 or 3 times a week if you have enough time. It enables you to burn calories effectively. According to a survey, jogging 1 hour can burn around 500 calories on average, and if you do more intense exercise such as running, you will cost more.

Come to gym and do regular exercise if you have enough time. At gym, you can get professional advice from fitness trainer based on your physical situation. And you can do cardio exercise with other people. You will feel happy to follow your cardio workout routine in such an atmosphere. You can do exercise on an elliptical trainer, treadmill, stair climbing machine, rowing machine or other equipment available.

cardio for weight lossHome cardio exercise is also an important part in our Cardio workout routines for weight loss. In order to lose weight, you need to burn as much fat as you can. So for the one who does not like to go to gym, it is important to do cardio exercise at home. And even for the one who comes to gym, do more exercise at home is also effective way to burn extra fat. You can do yoga at home, or get some cardio in equipments and do extra exercise to burn more fat.

Someone might ask that would such exercise works for weight loss. The answer is yes. Burning fat is being finished by buring calories. By doing cardio exercise, you can burn calories effectively. A 130 lbs women can burn around 400 – 500 calories by doing 1 hour of cycling. So every hour cardio exercise you do, you will lose 0.15 pound of fat. High intensity cardio exercise such as vigorous rowing, boxing, jumping rope, running will burn more.

Follow our cardio workout routines for weight loss, stick to it for some weeks, and you will be more slim than you have been.