Can you take Cordyceps for Weight Loss?

Cordyceps is a fungus which is used in China for hundreds of years. Someone believe that Cordyceps can be used for weight loss. Although it is not proven, someone are trying to lose weight by that. Is that workable, here we explain that for you in detail.

Cordyceps do have other medicinal uses, such as providing relief of fatigue from illness. Cordyceps grows on caterpillar larvae in Asian countries, the specialized growth environment for this product has given the Cordyceps a reputation as being the most expensive raw material in Asian medicine. The weight loss benefits of this product are unclear beyond possibly increasing strength and stamina.

Cordyceps for Weight Loss

Then what about its effect of weight loss? As we know, we burn calories to create energy. If we take more calories than we need daily, the extra calories will be transferred to fat and cause obesity. Taking Cordyceps as a supplement may help to build muscles. Therefore, it may promote weight loss by maximizing calories burn. However, there is no scientific research that show that.

What about the right Dosage for weight loss? Still it is not clear, so we suggest you to follow the dosage instructions provided with the product you purchase. No known side effects or overdose cases have been associated with Cordyceps.

Overall, as there is few studies on the relationship between Cordyceps and weight loss, and this product is with a high price, we do not suggest you to take Cordyceps for weight loss unless you do not care about money at all.