Can We Use Reishi Mushrooms for Diabetes

Reishi mushrooms is also called Ganoderma lucidum. It is a famous traditional Chinese herb which have been used for better health and longevity for thousands of years. One important use of Reishi Mushrooms is for the prevention or treatment of diabetes. Here we explain that to you briefly.

Reishi Mushrooms for Diabetes

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Reishi is with a lot of health benefits. It can be used as therapy of a variety of health conditions, including hepatitis and diabetes. It is reported that reishi may enhance your immune system and reduce inflammation, both of which can help improve or prevent diabetes.Diabetes patients usually have high cholesterol, Reishi can also help to improve that.

The modern research proved that Reishi mushrooms can lower blood sugar. Doses of 0.03 grams and 0.3 grams of reishi per kilogram body weight lowered blood glucose levels in diabetic animals within 1 week. Reishi did not decrease insulin levels or even a crucial enzyme in cholesterol synthesis. Researchers concluded that reishi could be useful at lowering blood sugar levels by inhibiting a crucial enzyme the liver uses to produce glucose.

Reishi mushrooms may serve as a delivery system for a form of orally administered insulin. In order for insulin to be taken orally, it has to be able to survive the acid environment of the stomach. Scientists have devised a system that uses a genetically engineered insulin gene injected into reishi mushroom spores. The insulin-modified reishi reduced blood glucose in 80 percent of diabetic study animals.

Besides, if you use Reishi Mushrooms for Diabetes, be careful about the Diabetic kidney disease as it might be the potential side effect.