Can we use goat weed for women?

Horny goat weed is a good supplement that can be beneficial to both men and women.It is thought to alter levels of certain hormones including estrogen. Horny goat weed can have complex effects in the body by elevating mood, energy and feelings of arousal as well as prevent bone loss. Here we tell you can you use goat weed for women.

goat weed for women

Goat weed is a herb traditionally used in Chinese medicine for over 1000 years. It grows in China, other parts of Asia and Europe. Different cultivars of epimedium exist that may have different physiological properties when taken as a dietary supplement. If a women take this supplement daily, there will be side effects as below.

First of all, goat weed improve Sexual Dysfunction. Loss of sexual desire can be a results of biological, physical or psychological problems. Research evidence has not established these effects of epimedium. One of the causes of sexual dysfunction in both men and women is hormonal imbalance. goat weed may temporarily reverse these imbalances in some people by heightening feeling of arousal.

Goat weed supplement might also cause Fatigue. It is reported that goat weed does not treat the underlying causes of fatigue disorders. Seek medical attention if your fatigue is severe or long lasting.

Besides, goat weed help to prevent Bone Loss. A phytoestrogen extracted from epimedium can prevent bone loss in late post-menopausal women over two years. A decrease in estrogen and other hormones during menopause is known to be associated with increased risk of osteoporosis and other bone disorders. Further research is needed to establish goat weed as effective in preventing bone loss.

Be careful before taking goat week supplement, it is reported that goat weed should not be taken if you have heart disease or are at high risk as it may increase heart rate. Do not take goat weed supplement if you disorder in your body, abd consult your doctor before taking that exercise.