Can I use hemp oil to treat cancer?

As we know, hemp oil have a lot of health benefits such as lower cholesterol and prevent your cells from damage. Besides, it is reported that hemp oil can also be used to lower the risk of cancer. Here we explain the detail for your reference.

hemp oil to treat cancer

According to the research, hemp oil contains small amounts of THC, which is found in marijuana and approved to be effective for cancer treatment. When using THC in large amounts, it has a mind-altering effect that may be good for cancer treatment and prevention.

Hemp oil has proved successful in alleviating chemotherapy symptoms in cancer sufferers. It bargains properly with all the nausea and light-headedness. A current study shows that applying THC essentially reduce the size of a tumor from lung cancer in half. It also prevented the spread of cancer cells to other parts on the body. The American Association for Cancer Research also states that in recent research THC levels had been accountable for inhibiting brain cancer growth and improvement in human tumor biopsies. The future of hemp oil and cancer cures appears promising.

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