Can I do abdominal exercises during pregnancy

Pregnant women should pay special attention if you want to do abdominal exercises as your heart rate cannot get up too high and you cannot do any jumping or bouncing exercises or there might be problems. However, it is said that people can still do abdominal exercises during pregnancy .

By doing regularly abdominal exercises , you will benefit a lot. It is suggested that moms-to-be should focus on strengthening not only their abdominal muscles but also their entire core during pregnancy as strong core muscles help prevent back problems and poor posture caused by a protruding stomach. So regular abdominal exercises help you to keep better healthy which is good for baby and mom. Besides, moderate strengthening exercises helps reduce the risk of abdominal separation. As we know, hormones can cause the vertical seam between them to soften, and as the baby grows, that seam stretches. If the abdominal area is weak, the seam can separate gradually or with sudden exercise which can cause an increase in back pain. And you can avoid such problems if you do regular exercise.

abdominal exercises during pregnancy

Below we share some good abdominal exercises during pregnancy.

  • Torso Twist is good for pregnant women. You can use a seated abdominal machine at the gym such as the torso twist. Simulate a torso twist by holding onto dumbbells at chest level and rotating from right to left. Besides, it is also good to do a cable row while seated on a stability ball by sitting with your back to the cable row machine.
  • Seated Crunch is also a easy abdominal exercises. Sit in a chair which provides you back support. But make sure that the chair will nott restrict your stomach area. Sit toward the front of a hard-back chair with feet firmly on the ground. Lean back so your shoulders touch the chair and then slowly come back up to a straight-back position. If you want to increase the difficulty, you can use a stability ball to perform the same exercise.
  • Knee Lifts is also a good abdominal exercises during pregnancy, you can do that seated on a fitness ball or standing as below. First sit around the ball or stand next to a wall with 1 hand on the wall for support. After which lift a single leg having a bent knee. Keeping the knee bent, pulse the leg up toward the ceiling whilst contracting the stomach muscle tissues. Repeat using the other leg.