Calories burned by jumping jacks

Jumping jacks is easy and cheap way to burn your calories. Without any equipment, as long as you have spare time, you can do such exercise as you want. It is so easy to do that you might be doubted if it can burn a lot calories as other cardio exercise do. It really does, and we explain you how and why.

Jumping jacks has a long history, and the name is being created in 1950s by a fitness expert in the us. Now, this activity is widely spread from school gyms to military training fields. As a great warm-up exercise, jumping jacks help prepare you for a safe workout no matter what kind of physical activity you will take later. As an fantastic cardio workout, jumping jacks benefits to your heart and lungs as well as body by increasing your heart rate. By burning calories effectively, jumping jacks help people to shape the body, lose weight and gain muscles.

Jumping jacks caloriesThe number of calories burned is based on your body weight. For example, a 120 lbs person will consume 76 calories by doing 10 minutes of jumping jacks , a 150 lbs Person will burns 95 calories by doing the same exercise, and if you weights as much as 200 lbs, the value will be as larger as 127 calories. Generally speaking, the higher your body weight is, the more calories you will consume; the more jumping jacks you do, the more calories you will burn.

While doing jumping jacks exercise, make sure that your feet and hands are straight. A proper method is important as it reduces the risk of injuries. And remember to do your jumping jacks on a flat surface always.

As a high-impact cardio activity, you should pay special attention while doing jumping jacks to burn calories. If you want to start a new fitness route with such exercise, ask your fitness trainers advice and make a proper training plan.