Burn calories with Rowing machine exercise

Rowing machine workout is a good indoor workout that burns calories effectively. It is widely used for weight loss and cardiovascular training in the US. By setting different resistance, you can pick the intensity and customize it as you want.

Just sit in the machine, set the values as you want and you can do exercise easily and effectively. Someone might ask, it is so simple, will the rowing machine burn calories as you described? The answer is yes, running is simple, cycling is simple, and rowing is also simple, and the same effect as other simple workouts.

According to a survey, moderate rowing exercise for 20 minutes will burn 159 calories for an adult, and vigorous rowing exercise cost about 198 calories in all.

burn calories rowing machineCompared to this data with other training equipment, rowing machine is one of the quickest ways to burn calories in the gym or at home. So if you want to lose weight and burn more calories, rowing exercise is a good choice.

Besides, remember that rowing machine brings an extra strain on your neck and back, so if you have neck or back problems, do not start such excise before you get approved from your physical therapist or fitness, or there might be injuries. All in all, safety and effect are the same important during burning calories with rowing machine exercise.