Black Cohosh Health benefits, Side Effects, Uses and Dosage

Black cohosh is a member of the buttercup family, is a perennial plant that is native to North America. It can be used as a traditional folk remedy for womens’ health conditions. Here we introduce Black Cohosh Health benefits, Side Effects, Uses and Dosage in detail.

What is Black Cohosh?

Black Cohosh Black cohosh grows in the woods of eastern North America Ginkgo Biloba. It is traditionally used in Chinese medicine for thousands of years. People used it for menstrual cramps and hot flashes, arthritis, muscle pain, sore throat, cough and indigestion for long time.

Health benefits of Black Cohosh

Black Cohosh can be helpful for human body in many aspects. Here we list its main benefits below.

  • First of all, Black Cohosh works quite well for menopause. According to the research, there is not enough enough progesterone and estrogen hormones during menopause. And it is reported that Black Cohosh can balance the pituitary luteinizing hormones as well as progesterone production, so it can reduce the symptoms of menopause.
  • Black Cohosh can be used the relieve headaches and migraines. Black Cohosh has a mild sedative activity that can help in the treatment of headaches caused by anxiety, stress and depression. Simply drink one cup of Black Cohosh tea or take one capsule before the onset of severe headache or migraine.
  • Black Cohosh is workable for respiratory problems. As we know, Black Cohosh have function like anti-inflammatory, decongestant, astringent, anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties. Because ot this, Black Cohosh is helpful for those with with respiratory tract infections, asthma, bronchitis, nasal congestion, colds and flu. Drinking a cup of Black Cohosh tea twice daily may help relieve the symptoms of such sinus and respiratory conditions.
  • Black Cohosh can also help those with Rheumatoid Arthritis. A simple remedy for arthritis is to take one capsule of Black Cohosh supplement or a cup of Black Cohosh tea twice daily.

Side Effects of Black Cohosh

Do not take Black cohosh for too long time as stimulates breast cancer. It is reported that black cohosh may accelerate the spread of breast cancer cells. Besides, be careful about the drug interaction between Black cohosh and other drugs. Do not combine it with birth control pills, or and do not use it hormone replacement therapy.

Uses of Black cohosh Supplement

Black cohosh was used for malaise, gynecological disorders, kidney disorders, malaria, rheumatism, and sore throat. Black cohosh is also great for treating some menopause symptoms.

Suggested Dosage

Asks doctor’s advice before taking Black cohosh Supplement in order to avoid its side effects.