Best way to put on weight

People with accelerated metabolism are not easy to gain weight really. They are usually too thin and have a higher risk than people who are symmetrical. If you are tired of looking for a good method to gain weight, you will be glad today. We share the best way to put on weight here. Following us and you can gain a sizeable amount of weight in several weeks.

Count and record your calorie intakes, and increase it in the first week. During the first 7 days, you need to increase your calorie intake gradually, for example, 100 – 200 calories more everyday. It is the base of putting on weight. By doing this, you will consume around 1000 calories everyday later, which can be used to form muscle as well as fat.

put on weight best wayEat carbohydrates food such as pasta, rice, potatoes etc, which is perfect food for you to gain weight. Also adds some healthy fats such dairy and nuts, which will balance your calories intakes.

Eat more times than usual. We suggest you to eat every 3 hours. In order to put on weight effectively, you should ensure that you are constantly feeding your body what it needs to gain weight and keep a sharp metabolic rate for your health. We suggest you to eat 4 – 6 times every day rather than 3 meals as usual.

Have drink frequently. Your meals can add calories, but drink makes your body feel bloated. You can have milkshakes, juice, milk or soda, but stay away from caffeinated drinks as they will not be helpful at all for your weight gaining program.

Remember above 4 tips and stick to it everyday, it is the best way to put on weight, if you can insist on this for 5 weeks or more, you definately will gain weight as you want.