Best treatment for cellulite at home

Cellulite gives the skin a dimpled look so most women wants to get rid of it especially in summer. While cellulite is not considered a medical problem, its formation on thighs, buttocks, lower abdomen, breasts and upper arms may be a cosmetic concern. Some commercial devices and products can get rid of cellulite effectively but if you are not suffering from mild cellulite, you can control that by home treatment. Here we tell you how to control cellulite at home.

treatment for cellulite at home

Healthy Lifestyle is the most important tip for you. We suggest you to take a healthy diet rich in fruits, vegetables and fiber (find the food good for cellulite here). The most natural way to combat cellulite is to control what you eat and how you live. Although pregnancy, age and genetics can play a part in the appearance of cellulite, an unhealthy lifestyle, poor diet, obesity, slow metabolism, hormonal changes and dehydration can also cause cellulite.

It is reported that brushing the affected area for 10 minutes with a soft brush may lessen cellulite appearance as well. Use a gentle, circular brushing motion to eliminate dead skin cells and promote blood circulation. Based on Natural Property Remedies, brushing also assists to open clogged lymphatic ducts to encourage lymphatic circulation. Enhanced blood circulation helps to stop cellulite buildup.

We also suggest you to use coffee grounds method. As we know, caffeine in coffee can reduce fat and promote fat metabolism. Home treatment working with coffee grounds function around the same principle. Simply brew coffee and gather the coffee grounds and use them to massage the affected location. You can add vegetable oil to lessen the friction when massaging. To further permit the caffeine to penetrate skin, you may then wrap coffee grounds around the impacted places with cellophane wrap for 30 minutes.

At last, essential oils are always good supplement for body health. Some essential oils are more effective for you to get id of cellulite such as juniper, rosemary, grapefruit, cypress, geranium, lavender and lemon. These essential oils does not only gives a massage relaxing, but also help to smooth skin tone and make the cellulite less visible.