Best roman chair Review:XMark XM-4428 Hyperextension Roman Chair

Among all roman chair models, this XMark XM-4428 Hyperextension Roman Chair is the one we consider to be the best. Here we make brief introduction on it.


The XMark 45 Degree Hyperextension XM-4428 is one good roman chair which aim to develop your lower back, abdominals, and obliques. This model have 12 levels of adjustments decompresses the back and you can enhance your stretching routine with it as you improve flexibility, range of motion, and circulation. The quality of the XM-4428 ensures your joints and muscles get the most out of each workout session.

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  • With LIFETIME in-home warranty
  • 12 levels of adjustments Included
  • Tricep dip handles Included
  • 2.5″ thick Hi-density mid-section pads Included


XMark XM-4428 Hyperextension Roman Chair is with good price.

Really the best roman chair with sturdy design.

Works quite well and great to make your back strong.

It is easy to sture and takes almost no space!


Only problem of this XMark XM-4428 Hyperextension Roman Chair is you might have to lube up the sliding part because it sticks when you need to adjust it.

Customer Review

This works perfectly for a home gym. It has always given me the BEST lower back results in the gym both aesthetically and strength wise. The foot grip pads came adhered from the factory, but the cold weather during shipping caused the adhesive to let go.

I was glad I finally bit the bullet and purchased for my home gym.I put a cushion between the pads and work my abs/obliques on it by standing sideways and bending over with a 10lb weight.

Came packaged very well with no damage to any parts from shipping. It’s very solid and exactly as I expected. Assembled easily in about 15 minutes. I set the grips back in place and they have not come up after a few months.


Overall XMark XM-4428 Hyperextension Roman Chair is the best we ve ever do introduction so far. Invest on at home of you have bodybuilding plan.