Best protein shakes to gain weight: Platinum Hydro Builder Review

If you are looking for all-in-one protein shakes, the Platinum Hydro Builder will be a good choice for you. It is ideal for you to put weight. Here we introduce this best protein shakes to gain weight in detail for you.


Platinum Hydro Builder contains useful protein such as fast hydrolyzed whey Protein Isolates and hydrolyzed egg albumen. It is good for human health, and very popular these days. Except for the proteins, BCAAs and creatine are already in the mix, so you need to buy one and can make up all that you lack in your diet. And Platinum is also a great brand for nutrition, which means the product is reliable and will act exactly the same as it said. Really the best protein shakes to gain weight for you.


The taste is great, you can choose either.Chocolate or Vanilla, both are tasted good.

This is certainly the most complete and well rounded muscle building shake you can find now.

The price is not high and almost all people can afford it.


The only problem about it is about the package, someone said that it leaks while shipping, it will be best if they can use better package later.

Customer Review

It began to take Platinum Hydro Builder 3 months before. It really works excellent for me. A complete post workout supplement! It gives me mainly 3 types of proteins including creatine, BCAA and whey protein. Like it so much.

Platinum Hydro Builder is with extreme price, taste, mixing and results. We found no complaint about it. I will highly recommend it to my friends who are looking for quality post-workout protein!

OPTIMUM NUTRITION Platinum Hydrobuilder, Chocolate Shake, 40 Servings

by Optimum Nutrition [Optimum Nutrition]
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Platinum Hydro Builder is really the best protein shakes for you to put on weight. A lot of people gain a lot from it and you can also be the next one. If your looking to gain some mass, just pick it and you will easily lost fat and gained quality muscle soon.