Best Moon Cup Review: GladRags Moon Cup Size B

We have introduce GladRags Moon Cup Size A and here introduce the GladRags Moon Cup Size B for your reference. It is consider to be the best Moon Cup and many people choose this size on the market. Read review in detail below.


The Moon Cup Menstrual Cup Size be is suitable for those who have already given birth to babies. It is make of great material silicone, and is pretty good for those with latex sensitivities.It is of great quality and there is no known risk of TSS according to the research, and it does not cause irritation/dryness like tampons can.

GladRags Moon Cup  Size B


GladRags Moon Cup Size B Can be worn for up to 12 hours, depending on how heavy your period is.

GladRags Moon Cup Size B is easy to clean and care for.

This great moon cup can last for a long period of time and help to save you money compared to purchasing pads/tampons.


It might take some days before you get familiar to it.

Customer Review

I love this GladRags Moon Cup Size B so much. I purchased the Diva Cup years ago and it was too hard to use for me. This one is better. It’s less firm than the Diva Cup so it goes in easy, and is less noticeable. Like it so much.


This GladRags Moon Cup Size B has great customer service which is quite helpful to me. I have used it for half a year, it works much better and less smelly than tampons.


Overall, the GladRags Moon Cup Size B is good the environment as well as your wallet, it is a good decision for you to choose it.