Best menstrual cup: Lunette menstrual cup reviews

If you are going to find a good menstrual cup, the moon cup or dive cup are both good choice. If you are going to find the best, we will introduce Lunette menstrual cup. Read the best menstrual cup reviews below.


The Lunette clear cup consider to be the most comfortable menstrual cup which has proven to be a favorite among cup users. It has a length that is most compatible, a tab that is flat and flexible, larger airholes for easier release, as well as a frosted appearance that is, well, pretty. Each clear cup comes with a satin storage pouch. It can safely be used for several years and proved to be safe.

Best menstrual cup reviews


This Lunette menstrual cup works exceedingly well as advertised.

It is easy to use and brings a lot of convenience.

The model is so great and help to save money.


My only complaint about this brand is that the holes in it are harder to keep cleaned out.

Customer Review

I was slightly skeptical about the Lunette menstrual cup. Now I like that it is environmentally friendly and can last a lengthy time! It’s basically easy to use and doesn’t hurt!


I want I had known about menstrual cups years ago but I am so grateful to have discovered about them now. The Lunette was comfy in the very first use and utilizing it was nearly like not getting a period at all. Awesome solution for me! So glad I got it!


Lunette menstrual cup is the best you can buy online. You will benefit a lot from it. Just buy it and you will like so much.