Best Kelp Supplement: Nature’s Way kelp supplement review

Iodine deficiency might happen for many people such as pregnant women and some one have special disease. Low iodine intake might cause hypothyroidism that lead to low energy levels, dry or scaly or yellowish skin etc. In order to have enough iodine intake, you can take the iodine supplement, but the one we strongly recommended is the kelp supplement as it is natural and more healthy. Here we make review on the best kelp supplement.


Iodine is vital for good thyroid function, which in turn is essential for health. Kelp has a long history of use as a food and as a source of assimilable iodine. It contains many nutrients absorbed from the sea.The kelp for supplement is not from near shore in order to avoid the heavy metals and toxins. Usually, it is good quality kelp from deep ocean.Nature’s Way Kelp contains 400 micrograms of iodine which is 267% of your daily intake.

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  • Nutritional seaweed with enough iodine
  • Whole dried plant guaranteed to contain 0.06% iodine.
  • Grows in coastal ocean waters from 1 to 10 feet deep with the tide.
  • Made in USA


The Nature’s Way kelp supplement are easy to swallow and don’t leave a metallic taste like some do.

It is a easy way for people to get Iodine supplements by buying this Nature’s Way kelp supplement

Price is reasonable.


Someone complain that it does not works quote well.

Customer Review

All I know how that I’ve lost 30 pounds in 2 months and the ONLY thing I have done differently is to take one of these capsules a day. My eating habits are no different. I’m not exercising or doing ANYTHING else. I know that I’ve been losing weight steadily. Got to do with this information what you will, good luck to you.

I was losing handfuls of hair after each shower for years after I had my child and it was really starting to show. After researching on the net I learned that iodine deficiency is one cause of hair loss and I decided to supplement my diet with iodine. Kelp contains a lot of iodine and this product is a now a staple for me. I’ve since stopped losing so much hair and depend on it for my iodine intake.


If you do not have a properly functioning Thyroid Gland, your entire bodily functions may not perform as well as you want. We suggest you to consult with your personal physician and try to take this . Nature’s Way kelp supplement as it really works great.