Best hard foam roller review: Gofit exercise foam roller for travel

If you are going to find a best hard foam roller, you must read this review below. Gofit exercise foam roller for travel is consider to be the best hard foam roller and sells very will in the past days.

GoFit Foam Roller and Manual - Pre and Post Workout Muscle Relief

by GoFit [GoFit]
Rank/Rating: 141298/-
Price: $16.99


This Gofit exercise foam roller is a personal training tool which is popular in the US and used a lot by physical therapists and personal trainers worldwide. It is one of the best hard foam roller.Find its detail information below.

best hard foam roller review

  • 6-inch thick
  • 18″ long full-round
  • Convenient size for travel
  • Full body training tool for balance, stability etc
  • Durable for long-term usage


Gofit exercise foam roller help to release tension in your back and neck.

It works well to keep the pain out of your body.

Price is affordable.


Someone complain that this foam roller will lose firmness over time.

Customer Review

This Gofit exercise foam roller works well. It relieves all of the stress in my lower back by just using it a couple of minutes 2 or 3 times a day.

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This Gofit exercise foam roller is a simple yet effective tool for you to get the kinks out of your back. Really the best hard foam roller!


This hard foam roller is the one for you to try after a hard workout. It gives deep tissue massage and help you to relax. Have a try and you will love it.