Best Guarana Drink Review : Guarana Antarctica 11.83 oz Pack of 12

Guarana is a very popular fruit in South America, and now more and more US people start to drink that. Here we share the Best Guarana Drink Review fore your reference. The Guarana Antarctica 11.83 oz Pack of 12 is worth trying.


Guaraná Antarctica have a long history, it is first on the market in 1921 and it is now the second best selling soft drink brand in the Brazil. This guarana drink is good soft drink for all age groups and events. Just like coca cola in the US, it is so popular in Guarana Antarctica.

Best Guarana Drink

Guaraná Antárctica soft drink can 12 oz – Pack of 12 units

Gluten free product



This is the ONLY Guarana soft drink you can find in the US and really delicious that tastes like a light cherry soda.

The quality of Guarana Antarctica is good with great packing.

Price is affordable.


So far so good.

Customer Review

I love Guarana Antarctica but it is not easy to buy near my home. Glad that I can buy it from AMAZON at get it at a good price. Now I buy that Guarana Antarctica regularly.

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I’ve been trying to find this soda for the previous various years at local grocery retailers. I by no means thought I would have found this on Amazon. Thank god you had it. I got to share some special memories of my childhood with my husband.


Overall, Guarana Antarctica is one of the best soda in the world. Try this Guarana Antarctica 11.83 oz Pack of 12, and you can enjoy that great drink in the US.