Best fitness balance board review: Reebok Balance Board

Balance board is a popular exercise tool which is widely used in the US in recent years. If you want to find the best fitness balance board, please read this Reebok balance board review, and you will find the result.

Reebok Balance Board

by Reebok [Gaiam]
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This Reebok Balance Board is specially designed for you to build core strength and better coordination. By using this fitness balance board, you can build whole body muscle such as hamstrings, quads, gluts and calves.

Reebok Balance Board

  • Textured, Non-Slip Surface included
  • Pivoting Base included
  • Supports up to 300lb.


This Reebok Balance Board is very sturdy and probably can last for long time.

This fitness balance board is very simple in design but works very great.

The price of it is affordable.


The only drawback of this balance board is that you should wear shoes while using this because of the the traction bumps of it.

Customer Review

Reebok Balance Board works well for both kids and adults. I bought it last year and my small boy and my husband both like it a lot. This set is wide enough to do squats with legs shoulder width apart, and great for single leg ankle control exercises.

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Really great balance board. It’s a wonderful teaching tool to assist teach right positions even though stunting. The bases even use it to help them really feel what the flyers feel in the course of the stunt. I will will need two by subsequent year.


Overall, Reebok Balance Board is the best fitness balance board which help to improve musculature of your legs and core. Almost all people who try it want to buy one for family use.