Best fenugreek seed tea review:Alvita Tea Bags

Fenugreek seed works well to increase milk supply, but not everyone like to take supplement capsules. Here we introduce this fenugreek seed tea for you. The Alvita Tea Bags is a good choice.


This fenugreek seed tea is a good fenugreek supplement that works well. It is nice for you to relax with at night and also help to increase increase milk production well. Besides, it is very cheap. There are 30 tea bags inside. Each bag is less than 10 cents.

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Alvita fenugreek seed tea is a good and effective supplement which works quite well.

Really the best fenugreek seed tea without any side effects.

Although the taste is not good, it is helpful.


The unique taste is not acceptable for some people. But I think fenugreek always doesn’t taste good.

Customer Review

Best fenugreek seed teaThis Alvita fenugreek seed tea IS great. I cook it in gallon batches and sweeten it with agave nectar and maintain it within the fridge. I guess it “worked” since my daughter was born immediately after just four hours of labor and 20 minutes of pushing. I am still drinking it considering the fact that I had just ordered yet another 3-pack of boxes of it the day ahead of our infant was born. My husband loves the tea also and he doesn’t even have a uterus.

Really the best fenugreek seed tea we can find. It helps my husband to sleep well, and it help to increase my milk supply effective. The taste and smell take some finding made use of to but that’s doable. After all wine didn’t taste superior the first time I drank it but I like the way that tends to make me really feel too.


Overall, although this fenugreek seed tea is with poor taste, it works well. If you have any trouble falling asleep or want to increase your milk supply, we recommend this Alvita Tea Bags to you.