Best diva cup reviews: Diva cup model 2

Dive cup is a great choice if you want to buy a good quality menstrual cup, here we introduce the Diva cup model 2 for your reference, it is consider to be the best diva cup review you can find.


The DivaCup is of great quality and safety, it have U.S. FDA Medical Device Number and the Health Canada Medical Device License. These ensures the highest quality in production, packaging and distribution of this product. The menstrual cup is made of softest medical grade silicone without any latex. It is reusable, economical and eco-responsible.

The diva cup model 2


You need no more tampons after using this best Divacup.

Diva cup model 2 help you to save a lot of money.

Diva cup model 2 is easy to use after practice and easy to clean.

It is environmentally friendly as well.


Someone complain that fingers can get messy during insertion

Customer Review

I have used this Diva cup for nearly half a year. It is a fabulous solution. I bleed really heavily and locate I have to have to transform the cup about every three hours in the initially couple of days of my period. That is a change from every half hour using a tampon. Once I got applied to insertion, I’ve had virtually no difficulties. This diva cup model 2 is great. It made my life a lot easier. I have another similar product that’s made of rubber and not as easy to use because the material is not flexible. Diva Cup is great!I recommend this solution to all of my friends.

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Comparison between Moon Cup and Diva Cup

Both Moon Cup and Diva Cup performed equally well once inserted. The only difference is that Moon Cup difficult to remove. The Diva Cup has “ribs” on the stem and the bottom of the cup allowing better grip for removal.


Overall, this Diva Cup is the best you can choose. It is so worth the price. Every women should have a try.