Best cordyceps supplement: Now Foods cordyceps capsules review

Nowadays, cordyceps supplement is widely accepted in the US, so many want to have a try in order to improve overall health. This Now Foods cordyceps capsules is one of the best choice for you. Below please find our review on this best cordyceps supplement in detail.


Cordyceps sinensis has been found to exhibit antioxidant properties, support a healthy immune system and balanced inflammatory response, as well as to promote healthy vascular function.NOW FOODS Cordyceps is a 100% vegetarian product made especially for those seeking a traditional supplement for their dietary needs.

Best cordyceps supplement

  • Healthy Immune Support
  • Serving Size: 2 Vcaps
  • Servings Per Container: 45


This supplement helps your body to make a long-term change in energy level.

It works, no side effects, no drug interactions, not expensive, a reliable-quality brand.


Tablet size. They are a little on the larger side, but not unmanageable.

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Customer Review

I’ve been taking 3 capsules a day to increase my oxygen intake while running. My endurance has increased by 50%.

This product works exactly as advertised. Cordyceps has improved my energy more than any supplement I have ever tried and I have literally tried dozens.


Great product. Cheapest I could find and good quality. I can feel such a difference after a few days of taking them.Try NOW cordyceps for your health. You don’t have to buy expensive cordyceps to get the same results. This is what I have found out.