Best balance trainer: Harbinger balance trainer review

A balance trainer is an effective exercise equipment for home use. If you plan to buy one, we introduce this Harbinger balance trainer for you. Here please read this best balance trainer review.

Harbinger Balance Trainer for Core Stength

by Harbinger [Implus]
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This is a simple but great balance trainer. This Harbinger balance trainer has excellent construction with thick rubber walls. If you use it regularly, you can isolate specific muscle groups and enhances core muscle strength.

Harbinger balance trainer

  • Soft, pliable PVC material
  • 3 inches in height
  • 13 inches in diameter
  • Anti-burst function
  • Withstand 500 pounds of pressure


The unique balance board gives perfect process of exercise for you.

You can change the pressure easily as you want.

The Harbinger balance trainer is with affordable price.


My only complaint about it is that the air valve ruins the experience of standing on this.

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Customer Review

I ordered this Harbinger balance trainer by the suggestion of my fitness trainer. This little cushion forces you to balance and has helped ME a lot. This would be a good tool for someone that needs to strengthen their balance for gymnastics, cheer, or other sports that require steadiness.

I really likes this balance trainer a lot.This trainer help my balance and coordination tremendously. It does a fantastic job of isolating muscle groups and keeping you “light on your toes”. The workouts is often combined with modest dumbbells to add towards the intensity of squats, and so forth.


Overall, this Harbinger balance trainer is a great product to relieve back pain and improve you fitness. Simply place the trainer vertically in the back of the chair and rest the small of your back against the trainer retaining good posture.