Best balance trainer board: Fitter Rocker Balance Board Review

For those who are looking for the best balance trainer board, this Fitter Rocker Balance Board Review will give you a good solution. Buy that and you will have great experience later.

Fitterfirst Professional Rocker Board – 20”

by Fitterfirst [Fitterfirst]
Rank/Rating: 49888/-
Price: $109.95


The Fitter Rocker Balance Board is beginner board is perfect for seniors or anyone new to balance training, it is ideal for strengthening ACL and ankle joints . If you are not fully confident with your balance this is a great board to start on. Always keep your head up and eyes looking up in front of you in order to avoid falling off.

Fitter Rocker Balance Board

  • Dimensions: 20in board with 14in base
  • Great for beginners
  • Works well for rehabilitation of ankles and the ACL
  • Adjusts to three different angles of difficulty including 10, 12, and 15 degrees


Fitter Rocker Balance Board is easy to use, so even beginner can learn to balance on it fast.

Fitter Rocker Balance Board is sturdy and works as promised.

The top of the board has non slip rubber on it to ensure you won’t slip.


My only complaint is that the max weight allowed on the board is 250 lbs ,so for those who are fat, it can not be used.

Customer Review

I utilised the Fitter Rocker Balance Board in the course of my double knee transplant rehab. It was great. I gained strength and increased balance with its use.


Works fine for me and the price is affordable. I like it a lot and wil recommend it to my friends.


Overall, this is a good balance board for those who want to develop better balance . Fitter Rocker Balance Board will give you a good workout and improve ankle, leg and core strength if you use it regularly.