Best balance board buying guide

No matter you are a experienced person who know balance board sport well or a green hand who do board exercise for the first time, balance board exercise is a good way to keep fit. Today you can find many balance boards on the market. How to buy the most proper one? Here we share balance board buying guide for you.

balance board buying guide

Generally speaking, there are 4 kind of balance boards on the market, the roller boards, fixed rocker boards, wobble boards and combination boards. The first thing you should do is to determine what kind of board you need first.

Here we also tell you how to pick and determine what kind of board to buy.

  • Wobble board do less to simulate boarding motions than roller boards, but they provide more opportunities for stability training and other exercises than fixed rocker boards.
  • Single piece balance boards are easier to mount but allow for fewer different uses. They mainly exercise your balance by using side-to-side stability.
  • Balance board that with 2 separate pieces can be harder for beginners, but is versatile and provides good board sport simulation. An example of this type of board is the Indo Board.
  • If you want to try different types of balance boards, we suggest you to buy a combination board as it contain more pieces and require assembly and disassembly to switch functions.

If you still do not exactly know which one you need. You can ask your fitness trainer, and them make decision and choose a type of board to buy. You can also try some different types and then decide which type of board is most comfortable for you.

Here we share some good balance board for your reference.