Best Aloe Vera Softgels Review: NOW Foods Aloe Vera 5000mg Gels


We have introduce Aloe Vera capsules and juice before, and here introduce the best Aloe Vera Softgels for you. The NOW Foods Aloe Vera 5000mg Gels is the good choice for you to try.


NOW Foods Aloe Vera 5000mg Gels contains a variety of nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, enzymes and amino acids as well as mucopolysaccharides etc. It is reported that Aloe supplement is helpfuo for human about healing process and helps a lot for the improvement of digestive system.

Best Aloe Vera Softgels Review


These NOW Foods Aloe Vera 5000mg Gels are easy to swallow.

It is with no side effects or odor.

Best Aloe Vera Softgels are great value for money.

A much easier and nicer way to consume aloe vera than drinking aloe vera juice.


The ”’equivalent to 5000mg” information is quite misleading.

Customer Review

These NOW Foods Aloe Vera 5000mg Gels are easy to swallow. This product also does not contain latex as some gels do, which has been controversial ingredient lately with FDA. The recommended dosage is 3 caps per day. I just take that quantity a day and it works quite well for me.

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I began taking this Best Aloe Vera Softgels 3 month before, and it really works. as I take the tablets in the AM on an empty stomach and within the initial couple of weeks noticed the acid reflux symtoms have been gone. I shared this with my sister who has suffered with stomach PROBLEMS, it also works great for her. Thanks Now foods.


Overall, this is really the Best Aloe Vera Softgels and works perfect for stomach ulcers and ease of stomach pain. For those who have stomach trouble, the pills is one of the best choice. Have a try and you will like it.