Best AB exercises for men

AB exercise help men to build abdominal muscles and look better. If you do such exercise regularly, probably you will feel better and stronger. Here we introduce 3 best AB exercise for men.

AB exercises for men

Ring or Bar Abdominal Exercises are regular AB exercise for men. The equipment you need is a set of Olympic rings or dip bars. If you have strong shoulders and arms, you can take AB exercise there. Doing leg lifts or leg lifts with a twist will work the transverse abdominis, lower abs and oblique muscles. Besides, Roman chair exercise is also good way. We suggest you to do that at home in a Roman chair with below steps.

  • Just raise each legs up until they are parallel for the floor. This creates tremendous strain on your abs to stabilize your torso.
  • Undertaking a single leg at a time or bending your knees are a lot easier approaches to do that exercising.
  • Bending your knees as you lift and twisting them toward your hips, alternating from ideal to left, will function your oblique muscle tissues also.
  • Begin with 10 reps and function as much as 3 sets of 15, or eight reps per side if undertaking oblique twists.

Ball Abdominal Exercises is also common AB exercise for men.

  • You can use stability balls to do such exercise. Ball crunches, ball roll backs, ball bicycle crunches, ball side crunches, and ball reverse crunches are all great abdominal exercises you can do at home. If you have interest to train the entire core, we suggest you to do the ball jackknife exercise as below.
  • Assume a plank position along with your toes on the prime of a stability ball as well as your hands under your chest inside a push-up position.
  • The body are going to be facing the floor together with your back flat. Even holding this position may well be difficult and can operate your abdominals.
  • From there, lift your hips up inside the air and permit the ball to roll forward whilst maintaining your legs straight.
  • Hold the lifted position for two seconds then roll back towards the starting position. Start with ten reps and work as much as three sets of 15.

If you feel the above two kind of exercise is not enough, then the weighted abdominal exercises might be good for you. Men can build large muscles and need more weight than women might to do so. So you can just do crunches while holding a weight plate. Or you can hold a dumbbell in your hands and gradually increase the weight.

AB exercise is effective for people to lose weight and gain self-confidence. Above we share the best AB exercises for men. If you want to build muscle and keep healthy, just follow the above steps and you will benefit from it.