Best AB crunch bench Review:XMark XM-4416Adjustable Decline Ab Bench

Crunch exercise can be done at home without any equipment, but if you have some equipment such as AB crunch bench, you can do that exercise better. Here shares the best AB crunch bench review here. XMark XM-4416Adjustable Decline Ab Bench is really a good model for family use.


XMark XM-4416Adjustable Decline Ab Bench is designed to allow users to target their abdomen from a variety of angles. There are twelve vertical height adjustments in total for you to choose from. Here you can find its information in detail.

best ab bench review

  • Adjustable ab bench
  • 12 vertical height adjustments included
  • 14-gauge included
  • 2 by 3-inch steel construction
  • Ergonomically positioned leg rollers included
  • 2.5-inch high-density cushion included
  • Limited lifetime warranty from residential use only


XMark XM-4416Adjustable Decline Ab Bench is very comfortable to use.

The bench is quite sturdy and so even you are a fat guy, it can support you well.

Really the best home AB bench. Works really good for home use.


My only complaint is that the end caps for the rollers frequently pop off.

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Customer Review

This item is really the best AB crunch bench. It is a small bit lighter weight than the one particular at the Gym but raises higher. I am pleased with this solution and can be uploading some pics in the future.

XMark XM-4416Adjustable Decline Ab Bench is top quality. I was shopping about to get a great ab bench when I came across this brand. They cost double what the competitors does but in this case you undoubtedly get what you pay for. I do an ab exercise twice weekly and this bench is just solid. no rattle no tipping feeling just solid like its bolted to the floor. I hugely suggest this solution.


Overall, XMark XM-4416Adjustable Decline Ab Bench is the best AB crunch bench. This is a great addition to any home gym. Have a try and you will be happy about it.