Benefits of jumping jacks

Jumping jacks are one of the most usual workout which burns calories as well as relieve stress and strengthen your body. It benefits a lot to the human body, so just put it in your daily fitness plan. There are so many benefits of jumping jacks that you can easily meet your fitness goals if you do that correctly and properly.

Jumping jacks is a kind of cardio exercise which you can do everywhere and anytime. It has all the advantage of other aerobic workouts. By doing such training, your heart rate can be rises, and you will breathe more deeply. It is good for your heart health and reduces the risk of heart disease.

Jumping Jacks also help to burn fat. When you doing such exercise, here are more oxygen being transported to your bloodstream and muscles. And you are able to burn fat faster than usual, so it is helpful for weight loss. Suppose you are men of 130 lbs, you can burn around 500 calories every 1 hour by doing vigorous jumping jacks, which equal to 1 pound fat each week.

Jumping Jacks BenefitsJumping Jacks also bring strengthening benefits to you. This exercise provides a full-body workout, and you can train almost all part of your muscles. So if you keep on doing this for 1 month or more, you are able to build more muscle and be more stronger.

Believe it or not, jumping jacks also is good for your mental health. According to a research, while doing cardio exercise such as jumping jacks, your body will release a chemical called endorphins. This chemical acts as pain relievers and makes you happy.So it is a good way to release your stress by doing jumping jacks after a day of hard working.