Be careful about chest pain after eating maltodextrin

Maltodextrin is not only a common sweetener but also a thickening agent in commercial food productions. It can trigger blood sugar spikes and cause heart palpitations as well as chest pains. If you experience heart palpitations or chest pain after consuming foods that contain maltodextrin, come to your doctor immediately.

chest pain and maltodextrin

As we know, Maltodextrin is a carbohydrate most commonly derived from rice, corn or potato starch. It really is normally utilized to thicken foods. Maltodextrin produced from barley or wheat must be labeled as “wheat maltodextrin” so these with a gluten intolerance do not consume it. Every gram of maltodextrin has four calories.

Consuming maltodextrain may lead tor chest pain. It is reported that maltodextrin is safe for human consumption, but it might have side effects and one is to cause heart palpitations in some people. The higher glycemic index may cause your blood sugar to spike, depending on how much of it there is in the foods you consume. A spike in blood sugar can lead to hyperglycemia, which can trigger irregular heart beats and chest pain.

If you are allergic to maltodextrian, we suggest you to find some alternative thickeners such as cornstarch, tapioca or a roux made from flour and butter. Potato starch and sago starch are also good options.