Banaba Leaf Extract Health Benefits, Side Effects, Uses and Dosage Introduction

Banaba is widely used in the Philippines and India as herbal medicine for diabetes for centuries. It is also proved to be effective by scientific research. Here we introduce Banaba Leaf Extract Health Benefits, Side Effects, Uses and Dosage for your reference.

What is Banaba?

Banaba is a flowering plant that grows in warm climate like the Philippines, India and others. Banaba contains corosolic acid, a substance shown to possess antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, antifungal, and blood-sugar-lowering properties.

Health Benefits of Banaba Leaf Extract

Banaba supplement is usually made by banaba leaf extract. The leaf extract has a lot of health benefits and here we list the main points below.

  • First of all, it is a great blood sugar control product. Banaba leaves contain a compound called corosolic acid, which has been identified as one of the main agents for banaba’s glucose lowering effect. Corosolic acid helps to repair the connection between insulin and insulin receptors, easing the problem of insulin resistance. It is also reported that corosolic acid helps the body break down sugars and carbohydrates and send them out to the body as energy through a process known as glycolysis.
  • Secondly, Banaba Leaf Extract can be used for Metabolic Syndrome. Metabolic syndrome is explained as a group of conditions a person may have that increase susceptibility to heart disease and stroke. These conditions consist of high blood pressure, obesity, high cholesterol and triglycerides, and inflammation. As Banaba’s effects on insulin resistance, it can be used for metabolic syndrome.
  • Besides, Banaba Leaf Extract can be used for cancer treatment according to recent research. The corosolic acid in banaba leaves also makes a contribution to cancer treatment. It is reported that corosolic acid stimulates the release of cancer-cell-killing enzymes, resulting in cancer cell death. Besides, the DIO reports that leukemia, breast and liver cancer cells are also susceptible to its action.
  • Finally, Banaba’s effects on insulin resistance make it an herb of interest in the treatment of obesity as well.

Side effects of Banaba Leaf Extract

As there are not too much research on this product, there are very few adverse reactions to banaba leaf extract that are recorded. We suggest not use that to pregnant women in order to avoid risks.

Banaba Leaf Extract Uses

Lowering of blood sugar in diabetes patients is its main use. TBanaba Leaf Extract can be used to relieve urinary tract has been evidence that indicates that regular consumption of the tea can alleviate kidney stones and help reduce the chance of gallbladder stones

Banaba Leaf Extract Suggested Dosage

Traditionally Banaba Leaf Extract is taken by making a tea from the leaves, but now it is accessible in capsules. A typical dosage might be among 16mg and 48mg daily and is sometimes combined in capsules with other blood glucose-regulating compounds. Ask your doctor’s advice before using it.