Bally balance board exercises suggestion

Balance boards is widely used in the US nowadays. It can be used to develop your core muscles, enhance common exercises and add flexibility to joints. No matter you are advanced athletes or just green hand, you can benefit from balance board exercise. Here we give some Bally balance board exercises suggestion for your reference.

Bally balance board exercises

Generally speaking, Balance Board Movement can only be doing in 3 ways, front to back and side to side. However, you can do a lot of workout based on this 3 basic movements.

If you are a new player to do balance board exercises. The Simple Balance Board Exercise is good for you. This simple exercise increases flexibility and lubricates the ankle, knee, hip and lower back joints.Just simply standing on the board and balancing, your abdominal muscles and the thighs, buttocks and calves can be trained well. If you do that for long time, such simple exercise will enhance your posture and trim your trunk. In order to increase the difficult, we suggest you to do the balance board exercise on different surfaces such as carpet and tile floors.

If you want to have better effect, you can try Medium Level Exercises. It is also not difficult to do. For example, you can do follow the below steps:

  • Step 1: Start with the forward edge of the board on the floor.
  • Step 2: Hold the forward position for a slow two, four, or higher count appropriate to your fitness level.
  • Step 3: Move into the upright balanced position, and repeat your count.
  • Step 4: Lean the rear edge of the board to the floor, and repeat your count.

For professional athletes, it is better to do advanced balance board exercises in order to maximize the output. This is a little difficult to do as you should balance the foot in the center of the board while doing a lot of movements such as lifting weights, playing catch with a partner, squats or even yoga positions.

Here we give you brief suggestion of how to do bally balance board exercises. Get a balance board online and have a try!