Average Caloric Intake of Women

Most women want to keep fit, so they are usually caring about the calories intake a lot. Some of my female friend come to ask me for recommending caloric intake for them and their friends. It is really difficult for me. As we know, the recommend daily intake is related to many factors such as gender, height, weight and activity level. So here we can only give an Average Caloric Intake of women for your reference.

Suppose that a woman at the age of 18 to 35 weighs 132 lbs, the average calories intake for her is around 2,050 calories a day to maintain her weight. And if she is 11 lbs lighter, the suggested daily calories intake for her is 1,950 calories. By that quantity of calories intake, she can stay at the weight as the calories intake and consumption is exactly the same.

calorie intake womenHowever, we know that only know the average caloric intake of women is not enough, it is better to calculate your own value, so you can follow it and keep fit. Here we have an equation for you to calculate. Just follow the BMR equation below.

  • BMR = 655 + [9.6 x weight (km) ] + [1.8 x height (cm) ] – [4.7 x age (years) ]

And in order to calculate the recommend calories in take. Multiply this figure by 1.2 if you get no activity, 1.55 for moderate activity, or 1.9 for high activity.

Tips: What is BMR?
BMR figure estimates how many calories you should eat per day to maintain the same weight. In order to lose weight should take fewer calories than that, and in order to gain weight you take more. You can calcurate your BMR by our online calcurator.

So now, you have already known what is the average caloric intake for women, and also know how to calculate your own value. You can set up your own calories intake plan by considering these factors together.