Anti gravity treadmill introduction

Anti gravity treadmill is not the same as traditional treadmill we can see at the gym,although it looks like a standard treadmill.I think it is not easy for you to buy one. But anyway, here we introduce this Alter-G™ Anti gravity treadmill for you.

This model is designed by NASA. When you do exercise, there is a pressure inside the bubble skirt which enables you to run in a lower gravity without limiting mobility or cause discomfort. This function is useful for professional training, medical rehabilitation, and many other applications.

Once Alter-G™ Anti gravity treadmill is started. The user maintains full ability to move, walk and run in a normal fashion within the bubble. A digital panel attached to an exterior frame serves as the control center.

anti gravity treadmillAt present, the main market of this anti-gravity treadmill is in professional athletic training. By decreasing body weight and pushing the cardiovascular system, runners increase stamina while drastically reducing body impact, allowing for longer training sessions.It is reported that anti gravity treadmill is useful equipment which enables athletes to run faster and jump longer distances than before.

Anti gravity treadmill can also be used for weight loss. With this function, you can do exercise easier than before. Even you are obese, you can start your cardio exercise in such situation easily without putting extra force to your joints, feet or knees.

Besides, it is also useful in the therapy field, anti-gravity treadmill help patients to build muscle tone earlier.

At last, I think you might be interested in its price. The Anti gravity treadmill is really expensive. One will cost as much as 60,000 USD or more. So I don’t think you should buy one at home. If you are interested in this, just go to some top health clubs, gyms, medical or therapeutic centers to see if it is available. You might have the chance to experience it if you are lucky enough.