Am I Underweight?

It is accepted between girls that the thinner the better. But what we need to tell you today is that underweight for a long time will increase the risk to your health. Muscle and fat is necessary for your body, so keep in mind that do not lose too much weight when you are on a diet and always ask yourself”Am I underweight”?

Am I underweight? It is a simple question, but not everyone knows how to judge if you are underweight. Below we will show you how to do.

First of all, calculate your body mass index (BMI) in the formulation (BMI = [your weight x 703] / your height in inches squared), if your BMI is less than 18.5, you are underweight. If you are tired of the complicate calculation, just come to our online BMI calculator, and you can determine your exact BMI in a minute.

I m underweightGirls please pay attention to your menstrual cycle. It is a sign of underweight. When you are underweight, you do not have enough fat, and can not hold a child, at that time, a woman lacks large enough fat stores, this signals to the body that she does not have the ability to safely carry a child, and will be infertile and have irregular period.

Immune system deficiency is another sign of overweight. If you are getting sick easily, and cannot cure fast, you should be careful about your body weight and take enough supplementary nutrition and do regular exercise.

Besides, also take care of symptoms of anemia, weakness, poor circulation, dizziness and fatigue, which are all particularly prone to occur in overweight person.