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Aloe Vera Softgel supplier and oem manufacturerAloe Vera is consider to be one of the best herbal supplement. It is rich in aloin, aloe polysaccharide, plant protein, vitamin A, B6, B12 as well as 8 necessary aminoacids for human body. Taking Aloe vera supplement help to enhance the skin elasticity and toughness, and make the skin soft and smooth.Aloe vera contains emodin which can help to increase appetite and strengthen the gastrointestinal function without side effects or drug dependence. This Aloe Vera Softgel is good for all adults and especially the one with constipation. We are Aloe Vera Softgel manufacturer / supplier in China and offer OEM manufacturing service.


500 mg / softgels or as client’s formulation


In Bulk, 100 softgels / bottle or as required

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300,000 softgels

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