7 causes of fatty liver disease

Fatty liver disease is common nowadays which troubles plenty of people nowadays. It is not very serious but really brings a lot problems and risks. In order to stay away from that, here we share 7 causes of fatty liver disease for your reference. Be care about that and lower the risk of that disease.

fatty liver causes

Obesity is one of the main cause of fatty liver disease. Being obese puts strain on your liver, which might not be capable of break down all of the fats you consume in meals, leading to a make up of fats in the liver.

High Cholesterol increase the risk of fatty liver too. It is reported that high bad cholesterol can increase the fatty liver disease risk a lot even for young person.

High Triglycerides is another cause of fatty liver as it can build to high levels in your blood as a result of eating foods high in saturated fats, and can cause you to develop fatty liver disease.

Rapid Weight Loss also might increase the risk of fatty liver. Losing a lot more than 2 lbs. per week although dieting or as a result of a severe illness can cause you to create fatty liver disease.

Diabetes may cause you to develop fatty liver disease as a result of imbalances in the enzymes needed to break down fats you consume from foods.

At last poisonous chemicals such as pesticides, herbicides and manufacturing chemicals may affect the function of your liver and lead to fatty liver disease. Also stay away from unnecessary medications.

At last, if you do not adhere to a strict diet, gastric bypass surgery can cause fat to accumulate in your liver. So just follow your doctor’s advice in order to avoid such problems.

Here are 7 causes of fatty liver disease for your reference.

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