7 abdominal exercise equipment for family use

Abdominal machines are good home exercise equipment. If you plan to buy abdominal exercise equipment for family use, you can choose from a wide range of them. Here we introduce 7 abdominal exercise equipment for family use.

abdominal exercise equipment

  • Exercise Mat is the most simple equipment for abdominal machines but very useful. While doing some abdominal exercises, you should lay down on the floor, and a mat can keep you away from the cold and hard floor.
  • AbWheel is also widely used nowadays. Just grab the handles and gradually roll the AbWheel forward. During that time you should keep your body about 6 inches off the floor as you extend your arms past your head by using your abdominal muscles to bring your arms back to your body.

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  • Exercise balls are popular AB exercise equipment which can be used for abdominal and back muscles and can improve core strength. If you have an exercise ball, you can do a variety of abdominal exercises, such as crunches, twists and reverse curls.
  • Ab Twist trains your belly muscles. The workout begins within a seated position using the legs and hips immobilized. Your arms hold the padded arms from the ab physical exercise equipment that wrap around your sides. The upper physique is then twisted from one particular side then the other.
  • Ab Crunch is the most basic ab exercise equipment that enable you to do abdominal crunch exercise at home. Gravity provides extra resistance.When the feet are immobilized, you lie down then sit up once more working with only your abdominal muscles to pull you up. Newbies do this with no resistance apart from their own physique weight.
  • Balance Trainer is an exercise ball that has been sliced in half and then affixed to a platform. It works the abdominals effectively that performs various movements such as standing, jumping, turning, squatting and bouncing.
  • Foam Roller is is recommended for all levels of exercisers which is helpful to increase flexibility, balance and core strength. You can do AB exercise by this equipment as below. First situate your body on the roller with your head and then extend your arms to form a “T.” You can drop your arms to your sides or extend them overhead in order to increase the intensity.

Here are 7 abdominal exercise equipment for family use. If you want to build strong AB muscles and improve fitness, just invest some of them and do regular exercise at home.