6 Great Snacks for flexitarian

A good flexitarian diet includes mostly vegetarian foods and less meat. It is suggested that 2 or 3 times of meat per week are enough. According to a doctor, 1800 calories intake is proper for a flexitarian, and we recommend you to eat 3 meals and 2 light snacks everyday. Here are 6 great snacks for flexitarian you can pick from.

  • Fruits is a good snack for flexitarian in between meals. It can fill you up, and gives you enough energy as fruits usually contains a certain quantity of sugar as well as calories. You can eat fruit salads and mix pears, apples or bananas into dark chocolate if you like sweetness.
  • Nuts and seeds are extremely nutritious which provides healthy oils and protein to the human body.
    You could consume these raw or lightly toasted; by themselves or mixed inside a trail mix. You may also mix the nuts and seeds with agave nectar, and press them into a dish and freeze for about 30 minutes just before eating.

flexitarian snacks

  • Popcorn is really a complete grain which makes it an extraordinary snack which will not only fill you up. You are able to eat popcorn in virtually any way you’ll be able to visualize; drizzle it with olive oil and sprinkle on your preferred spices such as chili powder and cinnamon or Parmesan cheese and nutritional yeast. For those who have a sweet tooth, you might like it with agave nectar and cinnamon.
  • Pretzels are another good snack for flexitarian. A handful of unsalted pretzels are also a great snack either when ate plain, with light peanut butter or dipped in dark chocolate.
  • Vegetables are always main flexitarian snacks. Dark leafy green vegetables such as broccoli, kale and collards provide calcium and chlorophyll to the human body. We suggest you to eat all the different colored vegetables in order to get balanced nutrients intake.
  • Yogurt is another great snack, you can mix them together with fruits, nuts or other food at you want. It provides a lot of nutrients and delicious taste.

Here we share 6 Great Snacks for flexitarian you can choose. In order to keep a healthy way of life, make sure do not eat more and avoid saturated fats or sugar always.

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