5 Steps to fold a compact treadmill easily

A lot of people buy compact treadmills to do cardio exercise at home. Compared to gym models, these are more light and cheap, but can also satisfy your basic demand. Any advantage of compact treadmills is that they can be easily to use and store, which is useful for the one who live in a small apartment. Maybe you do not know how to fold a compact treadmill first time you got it. But don’t worry, just follow the below 5 steps, and you can do it in 1 minute.

  • Step 1: To release the latches on the machine by pressing the buttons aside, which is usually on the sides of the track part below he monitors. Just press these buttons, you can release the track of your treadmill.
  • Step 2: Raise the treadmill after you have released the track part of the treadmill. Just move this part upward towards the monitor, and you have folded it already.Compact Treadmill
  • Step 3: Listen carefully to see if the levers have hooked on to your treadmill. The bottom part will click into place when you raise it up to its highest point for most compact treadmills. You should listen carefully and ensure this.
  • Step 4:There are usually 2 wheels in front of compact treadmill so you can easily move it when you fold it up. Tilt the entire compact treadmill to activate the wheels.
  • Step 5: Move your compact treadmill and store it properly. After you have folded the compact treadmill, you can move it everywhere you want easily by its wheels.

Simply by the above 5 steps, you cannot only fold your compact treadmill, but also store it properly. It is easy, just practice on your own machine, you will succeed.