5 step guide to do corkscrew exercise in Pilates

In order to smooth the movement of your legs, you can do corkscrew exercise in Pilates. If you do not know how to train, we give you brief guide here. Follow the below 5 steps, and you can do basic corkscrew exercise in Pilates.

.corkscrew exercise in Pilates
Step 1: First of all, lie on your exercise mat with the beginning Pilates position. Make sure that your spine must be in the neutral position and your navel should be pulled in. Then press your shoulder blades into the mat with your arms at your side and until finished.

Step 2:Then gradually lift your legs until they are straight up and gently bend your knees meanwhile until it point toward to the ceiling. Move your feet slightly to the left. Inhale slowly, and then move your legs while you exhale, rotating them clockwise in a smaller circle.

Step 3: Continue to produce continually larger circles along with your legs until feel off balance. Tighten the circle when you get started to drop balance and continue rotating. Maintain manage of one’s legs whilst your upper physique remains largely nevertheless.

Step 4: When your feet are back in the initial position, stop them and do this after each circle in the beginning. You also can do that once you are more comfortable with the exercise.

Step 5: At last, have a rest and do the corkscrew in a counter-clockwise motion. As you improve, you can attempt larger circles from the beginning to make the workout more strenuous.

Here are 5 step guide to do corkscrew exercise in Pilates. Follow us and have a try!