5 Side Effects of Mangosteen Supplement

The mangosteen fruit main grows in Vietnam, Indonesia an Malaysia. Nowadays it becomes more and more popular, and are made to health drink and are widely accepted in the US. However, also pay attention to the potential side effect of drinking beverage and/or eating the fruit. Here we list the 5 Side Effects of Mangosteen Supplement for your reference.

Side Effects of Mangosteen Supplement

  • Mangosteen Supplement will loose Bowel Movements. Those who take Mangosteen Supplement or fruit may find that their bowel movements are far more loose than usual. The constipation is most likely to happen if these individuals are taking in a large amount of mangosteen during the day.For those people that suffer from diabetes that have also been diagnosed with gastroparesis complications or people suffering from IBS, constipation may occur.
  • Some one might have allergic relations after taking mangosteen supplement. Mangosteen has been recognized to result in an allergic reaction in some people. Individuals may possibly start to suffer from a skin rash, joint discomfort and/or headaches. Mangosteen has not been recognized to cause reactions involving respiratory concerns or other life-threatening problems.
  • Red Cell Mass is another potential side effects of mangosteen. Individuals that have been diagnosed with polycythemia rubra vera, a condition where an excessive amount of red blood cells is produced because of a bone marrow abnormality, should not take mangosteen.
  • Mangosteen might have interactions with some kind of drugs. It is known that this fruit can raise certain levels within the body. So we just suggest you to ask for doctor’s advice before taking products containing mangosteen. If you are taking drugs, just do not take that in order to avoid problems.
  • Mangosteen might have interactions with chemotherapy medications. Mangosteen is full of antioxidants and help in the fight of free radicals. Many chemotherapy medications depend on free radical production in order to help get rid of the cancerous tumors. So these who are undergoing Chemotherapy should not eat mangosteen or take mangosteen products.

Here are 5 Side Effects of Mangosteen Supplement. Hope that information can be helpful for you.