5 Side Effects of Damiana

Damiana is an herb used as remedy for erectile dysfunction for long time. It is usually consider to be safe, but there is still some side effects that you need to pay attention to. Here we list the main 5 Side Effects of Damiana for your reference.

Side Effects of Damiana

  • Diarrhea is the main side effect of damiana. As we know, damiana relaxes smooth muscle tone in the intestines, correcting constipation. So too much Damiana can cause loose stools.
  • Malabsorption is another side effect of it. Damiana contain many calcium and zinc, so it might interfere with iron absorption from dietary sources if you take that for long time and cause malabsorption.
  • Nausea is also common if you take that supplement too much. Normal use of Damiana in 2 to 4 g does not cause gastrointestinal upsets. But if you over take it by accident, it will cause nausea and vomiting and even lead to liver toxicity. T
  • Respiratory is also one main side effect of damiana. When Damiana is smoked to get high, inhalation of burning plant substances into the lungs interferes with the oxygen carrying capacity of the blood and may irritate lung tissue. It is also known to produce headache, probably due to interference with oxygenation.
  • Also pay attention to the drug interactions while taking damiana supplement. It is reported that damiana may lower blood sugar. So diabetics who take hypoglycemic medications should monitor blood glucose levels closely while using Damiana.

Here we list the main 5 side effects of damiana supplement. Ask your doctor’s advice before taking that supplement in order to avoid risks.