5-HTP for migraine treatment

Migraine headaches is terrible if you have ever suffer from that.The intense, painful and recurrent headaches affect many people nowadays with nausea and vomiting. Many supplement can be used to reuease, and here we introduce 5-HTP for migraine.

5 HTP for Migraine headaches

5-HTP is really a sort of amino acid supplement which treats and prevents migraine headaches by affecting serotonin. Healthcare researchers think that abnormal serotonin function in blood vessels might result in migraines, and various studies suggested that taking 5-HTP is often nearly as productive as some prescription drugs for treating migraines.

In order to know treat migraines, you should take a little more dosage of 5-HTP. Although not all studies found that 5-HTP was as effective as prescribed medications, 5-HTP may reduce the frequency and intensity of migraine headaches. It is reported that 5-HTP may work when taken at a dosage of 400mg to 600mg daily, if you just take lower doses of 5-HTP, there might be small or almost no effect in preventing migraines.