5 early signs of bulimia you should know

Bulimia is a potentially life-threatening eating disorder which is characterized by binge eating and then vomiting. It is a serious disease which usually happened to young women, and is hard to overcome. It will be helpful if we can detect the early signs of bulimia in advance and take therapy as early as possible and avoid the side effects of it.

  • One of the main early signs of bulimia is facial features according to research Generally speaking, regular vomiting will cause swollen jaw or cheeks and bloodshot eyes.
  • Body appearance is another early sign of bulimia, people with bulimia might not have to change on body weight, but to some people, there will be rapid weight loss.

bulimia early sign


  • Most bulimia change their eating habits, it is reported that compulsive eating of large amounts of food or alternating large meals is an early sign of bulimia, so also pay attention to this.
  • People with bulimia also have to exercise habits at an early time. As we know, nonpurging Bulimia is a type of bulimia without vomiting. It is also called exercise bulimia. These people with exercies bulimia usually do a lot of exercise than ordinary people in order to burn calories and lose weight. So if one suddenly starts to focus on exercise after eating, it might be an early sign of bulimia.
  • Besides, people diagnosed with depression and anxiety problems often develop bulimia according to a research. So also pay attention to people with these illness.

Overall, if your friends or family members have some of the above symptoms, probably she is suffering from early bulimia disease. Pay more attention to it and it is necessary to visit doctors as early as possible.

If you want to know more about bulimia, just read some bulimia books.