5 collagen food for daily take

Collagen is essential supplement for maintaining a healthy body which help the elasticity and strength in muscles, ligaments, tendons, cartilage and skin. You can get enough collagen if you take the proper food. Here we introduce 5 collagen rich food for daily take.

collagen food

Vitamin C rich fruits and vegetables are good choice for collagen production. Take that category of foods such as oranges, lemons and strawberies into your daily diet.

Rose hips are one of the plants extract that can present a rich source of collagen. They contain a high level of vitamin C that benefits a lot for human body to creat collagen.

Omega Acids also help to make an ideal environment for collagen production.Nuts including cashews, pecans, almonds and Brazil nuts include healthful amounts too.
Fish for instance salmon and tuna are fantastic sources of omega fatty acids.

Foods that are rich in sulphur content are also important to collagen production. We suggest you to take green and black olives, fresh cucumbers, and fresh stalks of celery. Also add raw carrots, fresh cantaloupe and baked sweet potatoes to the diet for an extra boost.

Turkey consists of a important skin-friendly protein named carnosine that slows down a course of action within the skin referred to as cross-linking. When this happens, fibres develop into the collagen from the skin generating it stiff and inelastic. This then stops it snapping back any time you do things like smile, laugh or frown. Consume turkey two to three instances per week.

Here are 5 collagen food for daily take, pick some and you will benefit from it more or less. If you do not take these food strictly, get some collagen supplement online in order to intake necessary nutrients.