5 bulimia side effects to your body

Bulimia is also called as bulimia nervosa. It is a kind of eating disorder. People suffering from bulimia eat a lot but then purging in inappropriate ways such as vomiting as they concerns a lot about their weight. Bulimia nervosa brings a lot of side effects to people’s body, and here we make a brief introduction.

  • Bulimia cause problems to glands and blood vessels. According to a research, repeated vomiting causes swelling of salivary glands, so the one with bulimia usually has a puffy look on their face and neck. Besides, bulimia might also cause broken blood vessels in the face and eyes sometimes.
  • As we know, people usually use ipecac syrup to vomit, it is dangerous and will cause serious problems. Ipecac syrup might cause heart damage and cardiac arrest according to the research.

bulimia side effects

  • Although bulimia patients eat a lot, they take off these foods eventually, so nutrient depletion is also a main side effects to your health. Besides, vomiting will bring and the loss of essential electrolytes along with vitamins and nutrients, which is also bad for people’s body and will cause dry skin, brittle nails, thinning hair problems.
  • Stomach side effects are the direct side effect caused by bulimia. Because of the chronic vomiting, people will have a weaken stomach, which might cause serious stomach disease eventually.
  • Chronic vomiting also bring side effects to people’s throat because of the stomach acid. Bulimia will also cause oral damage to peoples health. The patients will have yellow teeth because of the stomach acid by vomiting.

Here are the 5 main bulimia side effects to your body. If you are bulimic or are considering purging, take time to understand the above side effects, and try to avoid these problems to you.