5 bcaa side effects you should pay attention to

BCAA supplements are safe to most of people, but there are still some side effects you should pay attention to. If you do not take it properly, there will be fatigue or loss of coordination sometimes. Here we list the 6 bcaa side effects you should pay attention to.

bcaa side effects

BCAA supplements may cause risks for Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) patients. According to a research, if ALS patients use BCAA, there might be lung failure and higher death rates. So keep BCAA away from ALS patients

BCAA supplements may cause seizures and severe mental and physical retardation, so do not use branched-chain amino acids if you have this condition.

BCAA may cause chronic alcoholism if you take it with alcohol. It might even leat to brain damage (hepatic encephalopathy), so you should pay special attention to such side effect.

BCAA may cause low blood sugar in infants. It is reported that BCAA lowers the blood suger especially to infants.

Also do not use BCAA during pregnancy and breast-feeding. During that period, the BCAA might goes into infants’s body and the research about that is not enough now. In order to stay away problems, just avoid BCAA supplement during that time.

BCAA supplement is really good and can be used to improve medical condition. But also do not neglect the side effects of it. If you want to take BCAA supplement, just ask doctor’s advice first in our point of view.

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